Load Mods AFTER choosing map

Please consider loading mods up after selecting what map you’re playing on. (single player, co op, or on a server, etc)
Selecting the map option (again, single player, co op, or servers, etc) will give a list of mods used on that server, with the option to double check your mods against what is being used there.
Include the options to select the mod(s) you want to activate/deactivate and/or download/update at that time, as well.

Also please make it so the game doesn’t have to be restarted every time mods are shifted around.

things is everytime you hit the launch from steam its preloading all the mod already so that its doesnt take hours to load in to the actual game which is why it need to restart.

The alternative option is to get a 3rd party application that could alter the modlist before the steam launch game. Skyrim has a pretty good method for this… Im hoping they are going with that route.

Basically how mod are loaded currently. Is that when you hit that launch it runs through the mod list which is a txt file and pair it with the mod folder that located in the steam folder and then modified the game as you are loading in the game from movie scene into the main menu. so yes they need to make a stand alone 3rd party application option. But they are working on it and want to make it even more mod friendly for both admin and player.