Loading Issues (stamina bar)(Health Bar)

Game mode: [Online | PS4 Pro PVE-C]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US Server 3522]

As per usual still having issues when I load in. Im in a remote area with not a lot of build around me and it still takes me several attempts to load in properly over 30min to 1 hour. My stamina bar being the main issue, it doesn’t work properly. When I run it does not drain, when I fight it does not drain and then suddenly im out of stamina. Fighting animals glitch out of the way and yet im still being hit so I cant get an accurate read on my health
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I confirm, i play ps4 EU and for some time only, i had stamina issues. But only for some time and it happen to me when i pass the black hand pirate ship area. When i went for farming (for about 3 hours) to the unnamed city, all my problems were gone. But today when i logged in in my jungle base, it took more than 3 min to see my self properly in my bedroom and the problems started again. I couldn’t work because i was walking and never move from the starting point, it took me a min to go out of my bedroom… OMG. I quit the game for today. Hope funcom will act rapidly because they will face a great disaster. I am addicted to this game, i am almost a junkie with conan… but.

This has been a constant issue i have been having for the last couple of months. They never have a good reply to my issue other than try loading in a area with little builds near it. It hasn’t worked. This is didn’t happen to much in PVP but in PVE its a constant everyday problem

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We have the same issue in 3228 I dont get any support from the moderator team…

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I feel your frustration 100%. I hope they 'll do something about it very fast.

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