Local Game: Everybody as level 1, except me. And animals changing diet



Game mode: [Single-player + Coop]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]

Bug 1.: Seems like, on my local savegame, everything except me can craft as just level 1.
Aka: my wife and all my thralls can’t craft anything more than a level 1 can do.

My wife is level 57, can only craft level 1 stuffs.

She knows Cauldron recipes, but can only do water.

She knows armors, but can’t build.

Recipes work all fine to me (this is me, not my wife), but each time I open a workbench, I have to remove thrall. and then put again, to activate their recipes. But still, I see only level 1 thrall recipes, while they are level 3 or 4.

Bug 2. Animals eat stuffs which are not in their diets.

Vegetarian rhyno eats spiced iron minerals.

Stone eaters demons, became vegetarians (while they have stones in their feeder, too).

  1. Open a work bench of any kind, with thrall 3 or more.
  2. I see no special recipe from thrall.
  3. I remove and set the thrall again.
  4. I see recipes appear, but only as if they are level 1 thrall.


You have a weapons filter active in the first pics, that is why any non weapons are dark.


Thank you! It was that!

I also found the “level 1 thralls” is actually the fact it just shows first line of recipes, and you have to scroll to see next lines.
Is it a new feature or it’s just to me? It’s not so clear and comfort, also because it shows only one line (not something like 1 and half, to let you suspect you have to scroll). And also scroll bar it’s not resized.

In addition, it remains the issue I have to remove and reset the thrall, before I can see its recipes.
Uncomfort, but not blocking.

Also issue about kind of food to eat for animals, seems not a blocking issue… I just hope stone demons don’t ends up dying because they keep taking vegetables but can’t eat…


Yes, the thrall has to be removed and then placed again, there seems to be no way around that…

Clicking on the “search”-area above the recipes and then hitting ‘enter’ without typing anything into the search-field should show all the thrall’s recipes at once. This works for me at least.


It’s probably halfway through some new feature (or an internal test of one), and for some reason it was just released as-is, with no checking or QA process. It’s not the first time this has happened, nor probably the last.


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