Lockable building pieces or clan permissions to prevent inside griefing


Title says it all. Details and reasons: Just as clan permissions can deny low level members from accessing vaults, there should be one that disallows the same level to not demolish placebles namely building pieces. Spies and sabouteurs are a given in pvp but it shouldn’t be so easy as to just click and demolish. Use an orb or jar. Make them work for it. :smiley: moreover, give the clan time to react to/apprehend the traitor.


This should already be in the game to begin with, I’ve played multiple MMO games with a clan based system and while this game isn’t an MMO, I’ve seen many times that not everyone can be trusted and restrictions are necessary.
The current system forces you to only play with people you know and trust, which in an ideal world would be everyone but unfortunately that’s not the case, or take risks with random players or play solo.
They also need to change the clan possession system. I play solo because I haven’t met anyone who stayed around long enough to be trusted to join me, but if I wanted to join a clan which I’ve been speaking to for a long time, I’d have to give them ownership of my base(s) which I will never let happen.


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