Locked mystery server popped up in my history

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [server menu]

[So today i loaded up to see my usual 3 servers i play on, all pve-c, and I noticed a new one ive literally never seen before. A completely new server, made just today called Hill Valley, it is also a PVE-C server, and its behind a password lock, ive never even seen it before let alone been to it or clicked on it, not that i even could since it requires a password! in the level place it even just has a - instead of a 1, i have no idea how this has happened. But its very annoying]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Loaded up CE
  2. Go to server history
  3. Wierd new locked server shows up

Is no one else experiencing this?

On PC here, and I notice when I open the server list it shows quite a few servers I’ve been on. But it also seems to cherrypick random servers that I’ve never been. And every so often those change. I’ve just ignored it, thinking maybe a new server opened up in an old slot somehow, or another.

Had that on PC until 2.1, then history was wiped, has not worked since.
The one on my history were ones I would never go to.

That could be possible i suppose, 2 servers i used to play on did recently go down.

But they really oughta fix that, thats definitely an issue.

They are servers you played on with the name changed and locked :lock: server owners do it all the time when they get sick of people lol

I doubt that since they have another server that we all still play on. They actually lost the previous one due to lack of payment, which i thought was kinda effed in the a… they were only behind by a week… when they finally got paid early and got the money they realized it was deleted entirely. But yeah, theres no way this is a case of that. Cuz thats the only one thats gone down. And the thing says its brand new.

Any mods or devs know how to fix this problem? Its kind of annoying. Or is this a server provider issue?

It’s probably a server that you played on in the past that the new owners renamed and locked. I used to play on an old official server and on a private one and both still show up in my history. The private one with a new name and is locked. So I really wouldn’t loose too much sleep over this.

Probably, but damn i wish it would go away…

I just favorite the servers I play on and use “favorites” instead of “history” so I don’t have to see the old servers I don’t play on anymore.

I may start doing this too then

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