Locked Out of Single Player Game

I’ve come to the realization lately that I can’t get near my main base anymore without getting too close to it. It’s practically useless now. It’s a big base. Yesterday I started progress on another replacement main base. I think building on water and towering above water was probably too much for my Xbox.
I wanted to see if I could even attempt to start dismantling even the smallest parts of it. I’ve gotten progress before but the debris falling down caused a crash. Earlier today, I tried doing it again, and I ended up near my base at the time of my next crash. Problem? I can’t log in now without crashing on the load screen. My weeks of progress in that game is at a stand still until something’s done.
I have an alt account on XB1, and I’m starting over on there. I’m admin’ing what I can back in but a fix to my issue would be greatly appreciated, because I really want to continue in that game. Please, look into this. Or am I going to have to start over?