Locked Vaults being Looted without taking Damage Official 1032

How is this still a thing? I have 4 Locked Vaults outside my base so I can store loot fast. 3 vaults had 10 or more items since 2 days in it. This afternoon I put my gearset in the 4th Vault. 2 hours later all 4 vaults are empty. I tried relog, remove bracelet etc. NOTHING. Now I hear in chat from other clan this evening the same thing happened… There is no trace in event logs. not with proximity 10.00000 nothing was looted from vault, NO damage on Vault, but they empty tell me why FUNCOM ? BTW this is on Official server 1032

I confirm … the same situation … the Chinese clan raided the loot in the safe … the safes are not damaged; there is no loot … the event log is empty …

Same happend to us some time ago;*(

I hope more players can confirm this sh*t hack / cheat so Funcom knows its a big issue they cant ignore.

I think they font care…

Yes confirm. On server 1307, all the safes of at least two clans have been ransacked.

Its a confirmed hack. Tips for now , close ur vaults with building pieces. They cant loot if they cant see it apparently or get close to it. Happened in 1963. A clan with 5 full vaults empty.

It’s a new hack the chinese are using. I doubt anything will ever happen with it. Can’t even report them because their names don’t appear in the event log. lmao.

Funcom can’t even address the speed hacking after 4years so good luck with looting locked vaults.

Maybe if they focus time on anti-hacks instead of wasting their time in epic fail siptah…