Log in game crash

Why am I still having to do this after forever of playing? I really enjoy this game and this is my biggest complaint.

“The workaround for the crash that seems to work for a lot of folks: Start the game Select single player/co-op and press “X” for an offline game Create a new character (if needed) and let it load fully, run around for a minute Quit the offline game, but do not exit the client Select online play and login to your server normally Pray to Crom, and hope against hope that he grants you a boon”


Hey there @Almanthea

Our team is aware of this issue and they have been trying to find a way to replicate it with 100% success so they can isolate the problem.
We apologize for the frustration this can cause and we appreciate your patience while we’re working on it.

I am able to replicate it :100: of the time. Without going into great detail, I’m in game for 20 seconds then get home screen’d. Hope you work it out​:blush:

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