Log out crash and corrupted file

PS5 platform
Date: 24.07.2021
Due to the ongoing bug of disintegrating walls and roofs I stopped logging out but had the PS5 go into power safe mode.
A word on the bug: each time I logged out one and the same walls and roofs were missing. Not logging out of the game prevented these items from going corrupt. That’s why I didn’t logged out anymore.
After three days I though, well ok time to give it a break. On log out the game crashed, guess it couldn’t handle th amount of data collected through the days. After 15 minutes of nothing happening I shut down the game through the PS5.
One logged in again the save file became so corrupted that several build itmes were missing and on top of that all my talent point are used by no talent is activated.
My question is: is there any way to get an older save data? I still have one on my USB drive but thats from one month ago.

PS: this is why live service games are sheit!

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