Logged in with no equipment and empty inventory

I logged out yesterday, inside my house, in a safe place, I logged in to the game today, I was naked with no equipment and an empty inventory, I looked for an icon on the map to find my body with my loot, or I tried to summon my body on the ‘‘circle of power’’ and I couldn’t either… I’m already discouraged with the game since the day I spent money to put credits in the game, and it’s been more than 4 days since I’ve received the credits in my account, now this… losing all items, if I could ask for a refund for this game, I would have already, because it’s just making me angry and disgusted. Thanks FunCom that has nothing Fun.

The credits is a glitch. Put a ticket in (server, get help) and they will email you for a screen shot of the receipt and your coins will be added within a day or so.

There are still ways to glitch the walls and cause exploits like that about. Don’t have windows where you log out. Don’t log out right next to an outer wall. Use chests to store you inventory in while you log out.

Hope that helps.

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