Logged off fine at my base , woke up in the desert naked

Game mode: [Online official PVE server #1930]
Problem: | Bug |
Region: US WEST

as i mentioned, all my gear is lost. logged off full of food and water, and in full health, and woke up in the morning in the desert… lost all my gear and mats,
i wonder if ■■■■■■ programmers are retarded and idiots. freaking game is broken. and it seems they have no intention of fixing things in a timely manner… damn you funcom.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log off with full health in your base, with full food and water
2.a chance to wake up naked at the desert with no body.
3.get pissed off. due to funcom stupidity.
4.move on.

PVE or PVP server? If it is PVP then the answer is simple, you were killed by someone. Loading screen takes so long that the notification as to who killed you cannot be seen.

sorry PVE… server

there is a bug, if you live in could north, i don’t know how, but sometime when you logout, you die by frostbite

I live in the north, but i was cold , there was no frostbyte on me when i logged off.

Suggesting that they are retards and idiots is n’t going to solve your problem xD

But I totally understand why you are pissed about it…

Not sure if its a bug or a connection issue… smells like both

i had same issue i found out that the cold is killing you, as you all know. just build the large fireplaces 1-3 and logg off next to them. but make sure you are not cold when you do.

Hmm so even if you’re offline you can die due to cold or heat? Thats why I probably dies yesterday xD