Logged onto server I've played over 15 hours on, greeted with character creation

Hi there,

I’m having a serious and troubling issue. I just got this game, think it’s absolutely amazing and beyond fun to play. I played on this one server with a few friends for ~15 hours, reached level 17 and just started some serious building. I was playing literally 30 minutes ago just fine. Logged out for a short break then when I tried to log on the server again I saw the character creation menu.

Initially I thought it was just the wrong server and a misclick. Confirmed next time that it was indeed the server I play on and once again, character creation.

I’m really upset, is there any way to fix this problem or have my character restored? I didn’t delete or make another character or anything. Just logged out and back in.

Thank you for your help!

EDIT: Seems to be fine now, must have been some weird temp bug.

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