Logging in and finding all of my items gone

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: Bug |
Region: [America Official Server 3837]

[ I logged in today with the hopes of going into a cave and testing my new Heavy armor. To my suprised I was completely stripped of my gear and items on my body. No purge, no death message, no holes in my wall or anything. Items just completely vanished. I want to know what happend or how I can get my stuff back that I worked so hard for.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

They probably rubber band into your place and looted your body without killing you


Did you check your event log?

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No I haven’t. Where is the event log?

What do you mean by ruber band into place

The check your event log:

1: press Options on your controller, it’s the small button to the right of the trac pad.

2: Scroll down to “Event Log”

3: While in the event log menu, you will see a bunch of check boxes and a blank page below,
Make sure all of the boxes are checked, and press the Square Button to start loading in your event log. It may take a minute or two to load.

4: Scroll down your log and see what happened.
If nothing shows up, either too many events occurred after your body was looted, and the logs deleted the log of what happened, or it simply didn’t record what happened. It’s happened to me before when one of my thralls decided to take a lava bath and his death wasn’t recorded.

And Rubber banding is when the game jumps someone where they aren’t supposed to go because of Lag.

They could also have Meshed your base, not saying it’s possible but I’m not saying it’s impossible either,

What meshing is, is whenever a player finds a way to get under the map, and can therefore ignore defenses and walk right into your base

Hope this helps

And good luck on conan

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