Login issues in client

Returning veteran trying to login in, in the client.
It says I have the wrong password every time.
This is what I tried:
Change password on account.ageofconan.com
Change ingame password on register.ageofconan.com
Change site wide password on register.ageofconan.com
Open the firewall
Connect via a VPN

Looking at the posts here getting a response from support will take months.

Anyone have any tips?

Let’s assume for a minute you changed the password to the same thing in all 3 links and you are 100% sure you know what it is. It takes time for the update to get to the logon server. For me, I changed my password using the Change site wide passwords and it did not work that day, but the next morning it did.

I waited 24 hours now and still it doesn’t work.
Sucks that even a vet that might want to spend some cash on this game can’t login.
I almost forgot how much of a mess the account stuff was.

Oh well, I will see you in the battlefield in 3-4 months when support answers my ticket :smiley: