Login Problems on Official Server #1203 PVP G-Portal with one special steam account

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash | No Login
Server type: PvP Official Server #1203 PVP G-Portal
Region: EU


Since this morning, I can no longer log in completely with one of my Steam accounts on the server Official Server #1203 PVP G-Portal. I can find the server, I can join, but the screen will hang while I’m charging, i. Music can be heard, but only the left to right wandering points on the bottom of Einlogbildes. Also no more game tips.

If I log in with a different Steam account (same PC system) on the same server, the login process works fine.

Have already changed the graphics setting, etc. Has brought no change in the situation.

Can an admin “beam” my character to another zone?

many Greetings


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Just to test: Did you try joining another server with your “problematic” account?

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or singleplayer

The Problem is only on the 1203 server. Other server works fine. Only on this server i cant login anymore. For example 1206 works too. But not 1203. But with a different account the 1203 works also too.

Who can help me out of this situation?

Its is online- Multiplayer on G-Portal server, the official one

Just Done a Clean Install, but nothing changed. Same problem.

Since I presume it’s not multiboxing (don’t know if even possible in this situation), then I suggest you bring community support into this this discussion. If willing they should be able to look what is happening with your account on that server (your choice to bring attention to @youknowwho) :grinning:

u mean i should PM a support member?

I ment:

@Ignasi, @hugo, would this be within your reach, to help @Luzalin

Thx for ur Help Meo:

Now its fine: What i done: i ask a friend to move with his character to my location i logged out. So he was there i logged in and bingo, its function!

do not now if anyone doing something in background. but iam happy now.

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