Logo understanding

When I used to look at the Funcom logo, I just thought it was a tattered flag. Today I looked closer and I realized it was actually the silhouette of a typical outraged gamer who has to deal with Conan updates that break more than they fix.
Since Thursday I seem to dashboard more frequently.


Honestly I thought the logo was flag to until I looked at it better

Also if you are having a problem fill out the details in the report but if it’s oh are not happy with game then post in general discussion please give more info so other people can help you

Dam you autocorrect

Oh is a not

Oh is aaaaaaa you

Hi @Mekhlis, can you elaborate on the crashes you’re experiencing, such as whether you’re playing on an official server or in singleplayer, as well if there’s any specific action that seems to trigger them?

Additionally, have you tried to reinstall the game to ensure that the crashes were unrelated to any issue with the patching process?

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