Lol new terms that won't be enforced


Any ideal when we can expect this to take effect… just lost 6 months of work on a server due to undermesh clan I reported over a month ago

Post evidence to ignasis

Did you follow the instructions on how to report? They’re in the same post that explains the rules:

Your best bet to get your situation resolved is to follow the proper procedure, report through proper channels and give Funcom enough time to act.

Good luck :+1:

I feel your pain Wooly. I have been playing since it came out on the Xbox, and just recently have had my place destroyed, and around 30 pets including several greater pets, in less than 10 minutes by two people.
I have no idea how to PM funcom as I am new (today) to the forum.

I did and Hugo also over a month agoe held the cheaters at Bay but they finally took over