Long spear equip animation encourages "poke & roll" with spear

I know you hate animation canceling Funcom, but this is just going into the wrong direction.

Using the spear now feels so clunky. I am better off using poke & roll now.



Poke&roll or just abuse offhand animation cancel.
Ppl asked for offhand changes to nerf macro users…funcom nerfed normal anim cancel.
Feels like funcom devs sell macros for extra cash.

Yep, 1h sword will be even more META now.

Mhm, we need someone to post how to make all that scripts here and on youtube just to f*ck everything up.

Now they need to nerf offhand animations too or it will be really really bad.

Indeed, long live the macros …

Nerfing the equip/unequip main weapon animation is the wrong way to go. The offhand animation cancelling is what needs to be nerfed and what the community has been asking to be looked at.

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Actually…if this will go live I’d just start posting how to abuse offhand animation cancel for other players in Players help players or something.
People should know.

The tutorial video for that already exists.

Now they only need to spice it up with macros :wink:

The most basic thing even without macros is a rope or throwing axe on last slot in hotbar and 8 on mouse wheel button.
Bam…old anim cancel is back in few seconds.

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