Long Support times

Returning player here.

3 days for a payment problem and still no reply.

Is this normal ?

Honestly I am felling like canceling the payments and be done with this.

A couple months wait is the new normal for a lot of people.


This is the unfortunate truth of the low numbers of support ppl that Funcom has assigned to AoC :expressionless:

yes thats normal because the game is dead

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Wow, Funcom has managed to create superb NPC’s, constantly talking in the different channels and even creating multiple Guilds that, with no human help keep competing against each other. Not to forget the PvP NPC’s who regularly accuse each other of cheating. Some have very advanced RP functions, pretending to be emperors of specific areas of the game. And you never know how much one of these NPC’s will pay for an item you found while questing with a NPC you thought was a friend.:astonished:

Why is Google or anyone else even trying to create AI when Funcom has already figured it all out.:robot: