Longer delay for Halloween patch



With the longer delay we are now being faced with to get out of Halloween, will we get the same problematic patch as the PC and PS4… Or will this include hot fixes? I’m not looking forward to possibly being weeks being because of this hiccup



It will include the additional fixes yes.


Happy Dance… frustrating to wait, but worth it if we can skip all of the issues I’m seeing on the board.

For what it’s worth, I still hope to see future events. And CE is still my favorite game.


We’ve gotten some constructive feedback both negative and positive and we definitely take that input from the Halloween event seriously going forward :slight_smile:


Can you give us an approximation of xbox getting rid of this halloween thing. Its seriously ub playable and now the lag has gotten outta hand … in 6 days another game will launch and i fear that if this issue isnt fixes before then , your going to loose alot of players. Ill still be on conan but your gonna loose alot of the leas loyal players


Thank you for the update on the patch


Given the mess that’s on the PC and PS4 with the post-update patch, honestly, I’ll take a few more days of darkness for them to get this sorted out so that it’s not pushed to the XB1.

I’m saying this with zero snark: they need to really get a handle on their QA processes, because right now, they seem to have some real issues in this regard.


At this point I only log in long enough to drink water and eat food so my character does not die in the Xbox version.

I also play in the PC version and would much rather play with the current issues in daylight than the eternal darkness and noise of the falling meteors. Over time I noticed that I was developing headaches between the blue/black darkness and constant barrage of meteors.

To be clear, I love this game and will continue to play it, but I cannot take that darkness anymore. Besides the fact that the PC version of Halloween was not near as dark as the Xbox version.


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