Look what i have found in the DEN

Was Hunting NPCS in the den when i saw this bugged naked man:

Apparently he’s a dancer.

Instead of showing up his name, it says “waiting for datas”

He got broken in like 30 sec in the WOP and could not be placed in the world. the icon of this thrall is the usual “loot bag” for thralls who are either bugged or not fully implemented in the game in theory.


Thanks for the report roro4066 :slight_smile: I’ll have this sent off to the dev team. Have you seen this NPC before or was this the first time?

You’re welcome jens.

No, first time i see this weird dancer.

Something maybe related: lissa o the long bow and mandughai 100 arrows had kinda the same bug back in the days when they were not fully implemented yet:

if my memory serves me well, a naked male archer was spawning at the hidden plateau in set city with the name “unknown” (with a lootbag icon when broken on the WOP if i’m not mistaken) instead of lissa and mandughai. But you could still place this weird archer in the world and this was like a year ago i would say, never saw a similar issue again untill now.

BTW this was on official PVE PC in case you wanna check the log or sthing. And i have the lootbag in one of my chests. you can have a closer look here:

I found that glitched npc before as well in the den but it looked like he should have been a blacksmith. had to throw away the thrall place holder as it wouldn’t go anywhere.

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Yep same here, he is supposed to be a dancer and i cannot place him anywhere, it just does Nothing, but i think i will keep him nontheless, just curious to see if he can be debugged one day after a patch or so…

Hi palm, have you been able to find a legendary armorer or liarn steel shoe there recently?

I picked up Llarn there a few days ago. Not seen Legendary for quite some time.

Thanks guys for your answers.
I will keep a close look at this place then.
Only named NPC i was able to find there is this one here :

Sadly, in like 20 runs i was only able to find a lvl 1 and a lvl 2 armorer, but it is reassuring that you are sayin Liarn still spawns there.
So, no more females legendary armorer then? Pity…

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