Looking for 2 or 3 members for our 3 man clan . 2579, 2805. XBox

2576, 2805 Xbox need clan members.

Add me on xbl - cutemarlin27487

Hello just got a new xbox . used to be a hardcore Ark player before wildcard ruined it with patches and nurfs I’ve been looking into Conan recently… had a group of friends trying to get me to play Conan with them but never got around to it because the game was broken when it first came out but it looks like it’s really improved… I might get back to you in a few days,if you still need members👍

Yeah man, for sure. We’re well established right now, just lacking 1 or 2 more people. If you wanna join in and we’ll help you feel the game out . Everyone in the clan is cool and super helpful, we are always down to raid as well. Just add me on Xbox - HecticMonstah. We can chat it up.