Looking for a fresh start, Join Adventure Time

Are you a Warrior, Adventurer, Builder, Nomad, Raider. Then this is the server for you. All play styles are welcome. Although its a more Relaxed PVP (no drop on death) and very PVE-C. 24 hour raid times because the exiled lands never sleep, and besides your thralls and pets get to earn their keep. Adding a Battle Arena (under construction and details still need to be hashed out) for epic weekend tourneys, 1vs1, 3vs3, battle royals, archery (possibly), epic boss battles, the possibilities are endless. And of course Tourney prizes for the champions of the events.

Come join the adventure!
Adventure Time.

default settings except for,
3* Harvesting
.5 Crafting times
24 hour raid times, and PVP
One member must be online for purges

Rules are simple
No bad, racist or derogatory language
No Walling of important resources, areas or player bases

Base wipping is frowned upon, I get some bases will need to be damaged to get to the good stuff, but not cool to wipe out someones hard work.

With the 24 hour raids, be cool dont hit same player repeatedly, or daily. again not cool, give em a chance to regroup besides they wont have much to take anyway.

No dragging world bosses and beasts to wipe out players thralls n pets.

Oh and most important have fun

Adventure Time

Increasing xp multiplyer to 5x