Looking for a good private server


So afterlevel8ngvup on official and playing about 6 weeks straight, NY clan and I got burned out because we basically logged in for 3 days waiting for a server attack on us. 10 v 3. But they never nutted up, and we decided to ditch loot and leave. It is not fun to have to log in when you kinda want to do social stuff. Me personally I felt obligated because I don’t want my friends to be left holding the bag. Until/if DbD gets released, we basically quit Conan.

Isle of Siptah
DbD on ( 30 - 120 minutes)
small clan centric
minimal mods
minimal RP
XP x5 min.
Harvest does not matter.

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I know the feeling. Check out the settings on Grindhouse. It’s for people who like to play the game but also have family, jobs, kids, and other interests.

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