Looking for a good PS4 EU server for 4 people

I and 3 friends have just startet the game and we are looking for a server to join

Hey man recently started a fresh server RaW PvE-C (new server) is the server name also done a thread in here with all the settings and what not check it out man see what you think

Is it an open server or with password?


I opened up my server 4 / 5 days ago. EU Open
Pvp 40 slots. With average of 25 / 40 online in first days.
Active discord server aswell, u can find that one in welcome message.

Winter is here [ 2x ] [ fresh wipe ] [ admin ]

Just created a new Server: The Exodus PVP +18

It’s open mate one thing i we would ask tho is to join our discord to stay up to date with things

Try ours, we are looking for more people. The community is mixed and leveling players are not hunted until they reach appropriate level / have enough resources.

[High Tick Rate] CZ/SK/EN PVP www.dragonlegions.eu [FAIR/wipe 14.04.19] - 70 slots