Looking for a good server


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Region: US

Just started playing and a buddy and I are looking for a populated server with active members on the PS4. Not looking to join a clan or anything just looking to have a bit of a challenge. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks again!!!


I have ps4 server rented it’s boosted no loss on death pvp mostly just my wife and I WYRM,S BANE check it out. Last update not causing any problems at this point spent alot of hours on including 10.6.18 with the 3 hrs load


Server 3113 is good has an average of 30 on a day chap.




I have an activer server witch it 18+ and has alot of couples! We are 4x harvesting, 3x player XP & PVP is only Fri, Say & Sun. Admin shop & events.

Come check us out - Ancient Kings 18+ under PVP


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