Looking for a group of people to play with

Hello all, with all these server issues when it comes to the official servers I might aswell try to find a home on a priv server.

I am looking for an EU server, english as main language, want to explore, do some raids and pretty much try everything the game has to offer.
Im old…turning 40 soon, so I am not able to play like I use to 24/7-still I manage to find some playtime during the week.

Anyone have room for me?

Hi there,

I don’t know what kind of server your looking for but i am playing on our own hosted server with some coowl peope. It is a pve server so for fighting other people this server is not the one for you. What do we offer?

  • PVE Friendly community
  • Contests and events
  • Building together
  • Our server is vanilla but the gathering and xp rate is on 2x.

Server ip:

Hey Mate, Theres a few of us looking to recruit some active members, were not always on as you but we enjoy coming on and playing together. We are looking to raid and do some exploring. More then welcome to come join us , My steam name is Atlasmatt , give me a add and ill get you in.

Spearbundle server

Hi. I am a player from Belgium.
My main language is Dutch/Flemish, but my friends and I speak decent English as well.
We are looking for some more players and are a relaxed community.
I have been playing since alpha, even before the combat update, so I also have decent knowledge of how the game works and can help you out with any questions if need be.
I’m not sure what settings you are looking for in a server. I was personally looking for something less extreme than those x10 servers, but not as mind-numbing as those x1 servers. So I decided to start my own server.
I’ll roughly list them up here:
• PVP is enabled like on the official servers
• harvesting x3
• experience x5
• crafting time is 5 times faster

As far as raiding is concerned:
PVP raiding would be possible if more players joined the server. Although this might seem like boring, raiding techniques and so on can always be simulated (raid own build structures) if you want to learn more about the system.
PVE raiding, as in raiding NPC camps and storyline (or whatever lore there is to find) dungeons will definitly be done.
As I said we are a relaxed, (currently) small community and want do be able to do everything at our own pace and explore the features of the game fully; just like you.

As a sidenote: I am the admin of the server. This means that if you ever have issues only admin rights can solve, I can help when I’m online. There will be no admin abuse. If you decide to go on a rampage against our small group by blowing up our buildings: you are allowed to - it’s the game. Me being an admin doesn’t change the fact that I’ll have to regrind everything and rebuild everything the way you would too.

I am looking forward for you to join us. :slight_smile:

Spearbundle server