Looking for a Guild (PC NA)

Long time Conan player who’s a great builder and decent pvp’r is looking for a clan (NA PC). I’ve got all the DLC’s on PS4 and PC, I prefer PC over Sony tho. I absolutely love this game but it’s more enjoyable with a good group to play with. All my former clan mates are still on PS4 sadly so I need some PC friends. HMU with a dm or discord link, thanks.

No edge-lords or toxic players pls. Memes only

Same here (NA PC). I’ve visited about a dozen PvE servers, but I’ve not had much luck. Seems the people I’ve run into don’t want to take a chance on new players (afraid they’ll get some toxic malcontent). I’m a decent builder, not much of a PvP’r (just walking target practice). Single player has been fun, but you’re right - a clan would make it better.


New server so not many players yet, but if it interests you we’d love to have you on and build for a future clan!

If you need a PvP server, ours is getting wiped and will be open tomorrow (Friday at 5pm CST) and there are a number of solo players that play on our server. It uses the Age of Calamitous mod, 3x gather and xp. Raid times are 5pm-1am CST.

Join our discord for full rules or if you have questions or just wanna say hey :slight_smile:

Yea I’m just looking for a clan, didn’t ask for server advertisements lmao. Thanks tho

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It seems common for people to invite to a server, but rare for one to get an invite to a clan.

Still looking for a clan. Between PC and PS4 I’ve got over 1k hours in the game.

im a solo player and the grind is getting real. i could use a clan mate lol