Looking for a mature relax pvp clan on official servers i am brand new but have play this type of game before

Just looking for a relax official server clan. I am 23 years old just in case anyone thinks I am a 10 year old kid lol, from the US and I am a team player. I will probably not be online on a everyday basis that depending on work so if you can handle working around my schedule I would appreciate it. Just don’t want to be kicked out because I haven’t been online. Thank you for taking the time to read this and looking forward to hearing from anyone! Have a good day

What platform are you playing on?

Playing on PC

Whats up ppl im on a private server we are looking for more heads to join. We are peaceful and looking to run a GLADIATOR STYLE KING AND QUEEN SERVER. We plan to have wars and 1v1 championship battles daily if not weekly. No admin abuse. Easy friendly starter packs. And plenty of map to choose from to build on, wit a 3x boost leveling up to compete is easy. Server name is devils respite. Look forward to talking to some of you. Come rule with uz

Official pvp 1742 is a great server community. Come join the fight!

If u want to join my Clan, we are 4-6 ppl from Germany and France atm. Official Server, PC. PM me if u are interested. We just started new some days ago. So you can help progress