Looking for a mercenaries clan to destroy one clan in a PVP Server (payment with real money)

Hello everyone.

I started the game during the past free weekend and i really liked it, i like a good and balanced pvp experiencie but right now in my server there is a clan who just attack new players raiding us all the time (always when we are offline), they never attack another level 60 or big clan, so coward for that.

It’s imposible to me to farm materials to get steel or bombs or anything because i’m being raider almost every day, they dont get anything with value from my base, they just want to f*ck, and yes, i try to move my “base” everytime but they are always just looking for the new one.

I have a job so i cant be playing as long as i wanted to farm and take my revenge, now without gods is even hardest to do that.

But, i can pay for any mercenaries clan who want to purge this guys.

If its ok to gank new players, without any chance to denfense themself, why not to hire a real mercenaries?

So, if you are brave enough to this challenge, writte me a PM.