Looking for a nice PvE server witth community

As the title says, I’m looking for a PvE server on PC with a community to get into (Discord or something like that). I played the game up to Lvl 40 around 3 times, never explored more than desert and jungle. I don’t think roleplay would be something for me, but with some explanation and help I would try. (I speak german and english)

Hi Sarius! Today is the grand opening of my PVE server! We would love to have you, heres some info! Please come check us out <3

Sanctum of Cthulhu is a brand new 18+ PVE Conan Server featuring an amazing list of mods including EEWA/AOC/Pippi with a level cap of 300. We have 2 admin created dungeons built and are planning on having daily events. Although our server isn’t PVP we are going to have several PVP focused events.

A list of some of our events: 1 v 1 Gladiator Arena(PVP), Obstacle Race(PVP), Chocobo Race, Thrall Spawn Hide and Seek(PVP), Cthulhu’s Treasure, Find the Admin, Jousting Tournament(PVP) and more to come!

Our server has a main village which houses the maproom, portal hub, tavern and player run market stalls. All players can set their home with /home, can use /warp wharf to go to the main village with no cooldowns. We have /return enabled as well!

  • Server Name: Sanctum of Cthulhu [18+/4x/EEWA/AOC/lvl300]
  • 4x Harvest, 4x XP, Max Clan Size 8, Kits, lvl 300, Events
  • Mods: AOC/EEWA/PIPPI and more

Please join our discord for more information and our rules! (you can get a link if you join the server, i cant post links on this forum)

For now, you can only Direct connect from the server select screen. Our IP is Or you can type in Sanctum of Cthulhu in the search bar and it will pop up.

Hello Sarius, we’d be more than happy for you to come check out our server. We have a small yet steadily growing population of active players. Role play for us is optional only, with a very Friendly and helpful community across multiple time zones both USA and Euro. We have a monthly large scale event, and as for exploring the map many of us enjoy running around with new players, doing dungeons in groups is way more fun than solo. :slight_smile:

Aventurier: Crazy But Sane

PVE - RP Encouraged

The rifts within the great frost temple drew creatures from other worlds into our own. Will, these new creatures take over? Will a war between the races begin? Or will we find peace?

Be creative, your characters and backstory are your own. Roleplay is not required but highly encouraged. We do have mods that give full adult content and will be adding more as they catch our eyes. Our Admins/Moderator staff are more than happy to listen to suggestions about mods, changes, events. Ask us anything you like, we have staff on both UAS and EU timezone.

Direct Connect:

Discord: https://discord.gg/NevUfMy

Current Mod List:

Our Next Monthly Event will be hitting on 07/01/2020 Please feel free to join us in-game and or on our discord! We have an active Mod Staff, with players across Euro and USA timezones.

Hi Sarius,

Our PVE server has a great community. Our admins are also pretty good.

We have added a lot of additional content and we use MODS that make the game so much better.

We run on dedicated physical hardware and dedicated internet.

Direct Connect
Or search for sotk - make sure modded servers box is checked.




I am the owner of Forgotten Kingdoms PC PVE server! We have a great community and are very active on discord. We have a 50 player dedicated machine that hosts 30-40 people every evening. We have events every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday which are both PVP and PVE. We also host building events, dungeon runs, and fashion shows.

We are a very social and friendly group and would love for you to join us!

Direct Connect is:
Discord: https://discord.gg/57MRfnP