Looking for a Queen!

Official PvE 3510,looking for a female or females players to join clan, we are 5 members ,but i am the only active, have made and still standing…1 City, 5 castles,1 labyrinth Castle and a Tavern Inn,most structures are build purge safe.
Welcome to join after a party chat,looking for female players,to be part of clan,help to grow even more and help for decorations around all building structures!

Regards Allen Zai Jr. ( ZaiChef79)


Hidden secret work stations are created around the map, for fast harvest,all will be explained where and how. Clan has…many named thralls of all kind,around 250 followers about,we have a named purge blacksmith as well, we craft faster materials for tier 3 building pieces and we can also use and prepare all legendary weapons.All bases contain at least 6 altars of tier 3 ,if not even more.
We are a friendly clan!