Looking for a server manager

A1 gaming community is a large active and established community running am array of different games from our server boxes. With ark, atlas, eco and 7days to name a few. We also have a conan server! But we do not have someone experienced in the game to run it.

Were looking for someone that can help establish the best settings and mods, rules etc that will be able to run the server, help people and generally take control of it within our community ettique. Wed love to see the server stop collecting dust and become playable.

You would need to be experienced in the game preferably with knowledge of admin commands and game related controls. You would need the time to dedicate to the server and a fair and friendly attitude . Would also consider a small group that knows what their doing!

The server is online and ready for someone to love it! Please mail me if you think youd be interested.

Please mail me if

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Still looking!

May be interested. What zone (NA/EU/etc)? Do you have any easier way to contact to discuss more in depth?