Looking for a Server with: No Screen Shake, No Map Rooms, Max Clan Size 1


I’m looking for a Server with the following settings:

  • No screen shake/Stabilize Camera
  • No Map Rooms


  • PVP
  • Max Clan Size 1
  • More sensitive Purge meter, Purges happen more frequently
  • 3x Harvest
  • 900 second unconcious time
    These settings make up for everyone being in a solo clan

Why PVP and No Clans? PVE-C servers tend to be riddled with huge empty bases that slowly decay. The owners no longer play actively, but log on just enough to ensure their bases aren’t destroyed. Purges happen so infrequently that their bases never go away - they just sit there taking up space.

Why no Map Rooms? Horses are more than enough for fast travel, and Map Rooms feel out of place with them in the game.

Why not host your own server? I can’t afford to rent a server and don’t have the hardware to run my own, otherwise I probably would.

Hoping there is a server out there like this.