Looking for Adventure Time, try us out

Looking for a relaxed server, all play styles are welcome, from Adventurers, builders, raiders or nomads. heres the place for you. PVP is active 24/7 as well
Adventure Time rules

  • Absolutely no cheating or using exploits
  • No walling off important parts of the game , foundation spamming , walling of player bases ect…
  • Only raid players who have clan members online? up for debate
  • Base wiping will be frowned upon, not really cool, if you do major damage to a base give them some time to recover
  • Dragging world bosses or monsters to bases is not allowed
  • Absolutely no racist or derogatory language towards anyone
    -Give people time to recover after raiding (i.e do not hit the same base multiple times a day, or day after day. Let them rebuild!)
  • No blocking off of important resources, everyone should have access

Server Settings are default official settings except for the following:
-3x harvesting multiplier
-No drop on death (due to blue scree crashes, it sucks to lose your stuff when the server fails! Once we have more players we can vote to keep or change this.)
-Purge meter is set to go off only when at least 1 clan member is online
-.5 crafting time
Raid Times set for 24/7

just wondering, is this server already populated with lv 60 players with all the halloween event goodies just looking for “fresh meat”?
or is it somewhat of a level playing field?

sadly im the only player left, I am lv 60 but i consider myself a builder

i’ll talk to a friend or two and see what they want to do
as far as building, i know what needs to be done but i suck at building, lol

I hear you, I get these grand Ideas and build huge. on the plus side the world is pretty empty, 2 players lived in my Castle the others were more into raiding and living of the land. Plenty of room for all. oh and the other players avg about lv 30

Still plenty of room, come join the Adventure!

Its under PVP, but its more like PVE-C with PVP active and the ability to destroy buildings.