Looking for clan members on Siptah Official PVE 8052

I’m looking for people willing to join and help build a big base on Siptah 8052 PVE. I’ll help grind your character level up as fast as we can. I even have pets and a few thralls you can claim to use for you own adventures when we aren’t building. I can craft good weapons and armor and know where to get the named dogs and other good items and thralls. So if you’re interested and want to get anything like that feel free to reply and let me know on here and we’ll go from there. You can even build your own house in the base, if necessary the base’s perimeter wall can be expanded (especially since it’s not even finished yet :joy:). I have a dog, Thor, and a thrall, Deirdre Deathbringer, that are mine. But any of the others can be claimed, also the brown horse is mine as well but there’s a second one that can be claimed though. Also I know a good place to get more horses so that’s not a problem. Look forward to hearing from y’all that are interested in joining. Also I’m open to suggestions and requests for" enlistment bonuses". :joy:

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