Looking for companion(s) to go through story

Hello, I am looking to find someone to play with that wants to go through the “story” in the Exiled Lands. I have tried many servers but everyone seems to only want to do the building / farming aspect of the game.
I dont know why but I cant seem to find players that are interested in going out and exploring or adventuring. I guess its been out for 2 years so people have done it already. Anyone interested or know of servers/clans that would be interested in someone like myself? Anyoen have any ideas on how I can find like minded people?

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You need to let people know what platform you are playing on.

Sorry just saw your second post under PC.

Yeah PC sorry

Hey! We always have people willing to adventure! :slight_smile:


Wiki: https://youneedawiki.com/app/page/19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj?p=19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj