Looking for Creative Admins

Hey Exiles

I will get down to business. I need active/creative admins on a server I am building. it is to be full of events and quests for the players. From starting to keeping players busy in end game with daily faction reputations. I want to fill in the void (so to say) of players not having much to do in the game. An experience for the hard core grinders and the casual player.

We have a Trello page going for organization and ideas, things are slowly being built and scripted. But I need more active admins who are creative thinkers, who can tell me what ideas are horrible, who know how to Pippi Script. I have a lot of ideas for the server, I need people who can take the ideas and turn them into creative stories for the players.

This is a big ambitious project, but with the right people it can be made to be something amazing!

If you are interested and can Pippi Script, are creative, and have the time to put into a big project please DM me for more info!



Need one more.

Hi my name is Millresh I heard for a creative and active admin. I’d be will to do so as I have done some unquie building structures before on my co-op.