Looking for dedicated Admins/Staff for new E/RP Server

Im willing to pay (based on skill and work) for experienced admins to assist on making a E/RP server. These “paid” positions are limited to only senior staff, so unless you assist on server maintenance and website there will be a probational period. (So dont expect to be paid right away.)

Positions and payments varies as well to give fyi, dont expect muxh as its monthly and not a source of income. I will also look into increase value based on recruitment.

This also means i need an experienced discord moderators that can link to the conan servers and work with BOTs.

The server will be based on both mechanical and non-mechanicals pvp (DnD style). Any admins with experience on this sort of mod and scripting is highly requested so a balanced can be made!

Positions im looking for that are paid and unpaid. Note: multiple positions can be taken by one person or multiple positions based on activity and availability.

1.Web designer (need server 100% before we start) *1 - Paid on start up, then lowers to deal with maintenance and increased based on server updates. (Paid on productivity not hours).

  1. Discord moderators (able to fully utilize its functions for seamless play through with conan, able to organize channels and the likes) *paid on start up, 1 positions)

  2. Advanced Admins that are able to use (required) PiPi tools. And assist with mods and scripting. (Can be various skills not all are needed except pipi functions) 3- positions paid on start up , 1 paid throughout players career(based on various things)

  3. RpR experts for seamless and balanced Role play Redux mods. (Able to Ballance weapons and armor and spells based on 5.E DnD)paid on set up and testing’s

  4. General Admins for monitoring both server and players. Validation of player and Server fixes/debugging. not paid

  5. Trusted and dedicated admin who knows how to operate servers, adding mods, properly listing mods in order and maintaining server operations. (Willing to fix issue’s on exstreamly odd hours and randomly. Based on issues on server-side) 1 -paid position

Contact me for questions. The server has not been created yet but i plan, based on admin size, to buy a dedicated server (rent or fully paid for)


To piggyback off of this, for both players and staff alike…

This is an 18+) only server for E/RP SERVER that will be a pve-c (possibly).

Goals and bio are as follows, mostly based on admin and moderator pool size.

Bio: Based on my ongoing novel “The gate masters,” events will take place based on daily, weekly, and monthly. (Once at 100%) expect high interactions with staff on creating your characters’ story.

I am implementing that player moderators will “assist” on player events that are not game breaking or lore breaking.

Server Goals: it is entirely based on loyal and dedicated staff! Nothing can be done by a single server owner who works 60-hour weeks. I will relay on responsible admins and moderators. The hardest part will be the first week of server/Game build up. This is based on the following.

  1. Creating the hub and POIs ingame
  2. Setting up all NPCs and mobs
  3. Debugging mod related and server related issues
  4. Promotion of the server
  5. Ballance of the RPR (DnD shit.)
  6. Did i say Promotion?

6.5. Making sure rules for both staff and players are followed. (I believe in second chance and not apart of the Admin Alliance for previous player/staff misconduct on other servers… i dont discriminate)

  1. The server will have items and perks and minor privileges that can be bought with RL money. But it will change to keep pace with the times and current balance of the game. (Note that these will not be game breaking items)

There is a lot. i honestly would like a mock-up of a pure RP base that utilizes the pve concept. This means there will be active pve purge for none active structures. Players can use these as means for RP as well for active players too.

Pve is a god sin for RP. Take advantage of open world events and mob activities! People forget what naturally born RP is, so i thrive to make sure everyone has the chance in the lime light. (Ideally)


Same as all the other servers and bans that are non-negotiable, but only I decide unless the majority vote for senior admins.

A lot of trust will be given to players and staff alike. You guys are the deal breaker or makers. If you want a fun and active community, then join and spread the word.

The only rule i will personally enforce is no gossip from other servers about a player or staff. People outside of the game, their activities and lifestyle are theirs and theirs alone!!! So if you wish to be toxic to the community, then stay away, I… DONT… CARE if Paul killed Billy irl. i dont care, a persons upbring and what they do. If it doesn’t affect me in real life, then idc. Idc who you are, what you did in other servers or in life. I will defend the accused and Parma ban the accuser.

If it didn’t happen on my server, then i don’t care, im here to protect my community and staff, not your ego. And i expect the same mentality from staff.

Note I will not respond to any “comments” so save your breathe if you have ‘advice’ for me on how i lay out my request. I use this as clarity for any possible future admins and staff, this is me and who i am. if you wish to learn more please contact me on Discord huntersfoehammer117