Looking For Faction Leaders (18+)

I’ve just relaunched my old RP server, Oasis RP. We are looking for reliable leaders to run main factions on the server, actively shaping the RP experience as a community. We are currently limited to 10 slots and I am moderating the server with my partner. We will be looking for admins as we expand.

About the server: We are a dedicated (18+) vanilla server. We have no mods and never plan on adding mods. The server is also a 1x server to provide the best effort to reward outcome for all players, thus adding more value to our server’s economy. All of our settings are pretty close to 1x, the only possible setting up for debate at moment is day length.

As for the server’s PVP experience. The server has PVP on 24/7 to allow roleplay to take place at any time of the day and to allow players to have training or arena duels. There are strict rules in place restricting players from attacking everyone they see at random. To prevent any personal OOC grievances and conflicts, there are no raids on the server. Purges are also disabled but the unique purge thralls and rewards will be given out during community events.

Our goal with seeking faction leaders is to put reliable characters in charge who have political say in the server’s RP setting. Ideally we need some form of law enforcement faction, a server villain, and a few neutrals such as traders, farmers, crafters, etc.

Server Listing: New Oasis RP PVE-C (No Mods/18+/US East)
Direct Connect IP:

Hope to see you there so we can grow this community!