Looking for friend code

Hi all :slight_smile:

Anyone have 14-day friend code they are not using?



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Sent you one with PM

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Hello all =)

Anybody have a 14-Day friend Key for me ? I would like to check RK2019 and RK5 population and decide play AO again =)


Had the new RK2019 Server SL Missions or all normal setting as RK5 ? I really love to see no SL Missions had many fun on the Ado evening Heckler Partys :slight_smile:

Hey welcome back :blush:

I don’t have a code for you I’m afraid, but I can help with your question at least.

Currently there are no SL missions available on RK2019, and there are plenty of people killing hecklers. :slight_smile: Additionally, most daily missions are unavailable as well, with the exception of the SL elite dailies (catacombs) and DOJA chips.

Only Funcom can say if and when they will change this though, and as far as we know the intended goal of the progression server is to eventually unlock all content.

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hihi and thx for answer =)
Really nice to hear that ! Welcome back Adonis Heckler evenings :slight_smile: I hope Funcom make no SL Missions and to fast progress for the Characters. I hope i get a friend Key and can check Ely Beach and Ado Heckler Spots for funny Party Rounds.

Nobody have a friend key ?=(

best regards

first sorry for double Post =) I activate my Main Account ! Wish you all a nice weekend