Looking for Friendly Players to Join my Private Server and Have Fun!

Hello, I am MADGodzilla007 and I recently started my own server through G-Portal for Conan Exiles. I am looking for relaxed casual players who would like to explore and enjoy the game with a friendly community. I am looking for those who have a microphone and would join my discord channel whenever online. Discord would be used to socialize and help coordinate adventures in the world of Conan Exiles. Currently we have about 6 active members with most active times between 6pm-11pm EST. All regions are accepted. We are all adults and are mostly active throughout the week. We have full time jobs and family so we are not active every day. The flip side is that there are no active status commitments for our server. Play when you can, hangout and have fun. There are also no restraints on your gameplay just be respectful. If you’d like to build your own base and be a lone wonderer, we appreciate that as well. If this sounds like your kind of gaming then feel free to jump in the Discord through the Discord invite or direct message me through Discord. My discord name is MADGodzilla007#1703. For those that don’t know about Discord, it’s a free communication software much like TeamSpeak but with better features. We are also an 18+ years of age preference. Well if you read this entire post, I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to look this over. Hope to hear from you, take care and have fun gaming!

Here’s our server info:

MADGodzilla007’s Private Server (Server up 24/7 18+ USA Friendly Build and Explore)

IP: (Query Port: 39015, Rcon Port: 39016)

Join our Discord channel and hangout!