Looking for friends to play with especially someone that enjoys building! NA Pve modded or unmodded on steam pc

Looking for Gamers to play with especially someone that enjoys building! Pve modded or unmodded on steam pc

I just bought Conan and a few xpacs (no siptah yet tho) looking to play on either modded or unmodded. Id prefer modded with at least AoC. I CANNOT STAND BUILDING THO!!! Everytime I try build something I alt f4 within minutes it just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Like its literally the worst lmao. I can just build the basics ofc but its sad everytime i come home. Grinding mats and everything else this game has to offer is right up my alley.

So I’m looking to make a new friend/s that will handle the building :stuck_out_tongue: and Ill be happy to do all the farming. Maybe your a builder that doesn’t have a lot of time to gather sups Im a mmo grinder with a lot of time on my hands we would make an excellent team imo. I might be newb but Iv researched the hell outta this game and the aoc mod, as I do with every mmo I play. So you wouldn’t have to be holding my hand, I got a black belt in google-fu.

You don’t have to be amazing at building or even experienced at the game, just not hate building as much as I do and motivated enough to make a half decent looking box at the very least. Ofc in my dream world you’d be interested in making epic nice homes cuz that would just be nice to come home too :slight_smile:

I was just going to throw this game in the pile of games I’ll prob never play again but I thought I’d at least try find some people to play with first. From all the forum reading and streams I’ve watched there seems to be a large part of the pop that really enjoys the building aspect. So I might have a fair chance of finding some peeps.

Anyway this got way longer than I thought it would, hit me up !!