Looking for group to join

Prefer offical US based servers (for ping). Would maybe be open to modded as well. I usually play quite a bit, and go pretty late, except on days that I work (12 hours shifts). Let me know what kind of server you play on, and how often you play. Thanks.

hi hi! You are welcome any time!

Bro Grim: NoBld Limit/AoC/FlyingMount/EEWA/Rewards - Exiles lands

New York, USA based server. Good Ping. AoC, EEWA. NO BUILD LIMITS for creative builds.

  • Lots of building kits: N Timber, Cathedral, glass, Jungle, Stygian…
  • Tons of character customization with haircuts, accessories, outfits, attachables, immersive armors, high heels!
  • Flying mount and pets for reaching level tiers
  • Magic Tower with npc’s and vendors to make learning magic easier
  • Pet Arena - pet-on-pet thunderdome!
  • PvE Arena with loots
  • lots of admin added content
  • purge OFF
  • no decay

Player fun drives the decisions. with discord: https://discord.gg/mwywQ4RuGH

Hey there! Come check out ANCIENT ORDER! its a new USA English PVP server with safe buildings. So you get all the fun of open world combat, but no worry of your base being raided since player base damage is turned off. Super nice players, Active Discord, 24/7 Admin support with cool quality of life additions like long days, short nights, and map tables at all the obelisks. There’s even “welcome centers” at the desert spawn locations and Noob River with some free starter loot to help get started.


Hey! :slight_smile: We have a fair few peeps looking to join up wth people if youd like to have a look? We are UK based but the US players seem to not have too much of an issue.

New Lordore – PC

Strictly Roleplay (PvP Enabled)

If you do anything this Christmas Holiday it should be to join this server :wink: We are completely unique to any other, find out for yourself. (Roleplay PC) For this week only there is a join bonus of a claim token (a chance for a legendary) and 250 coins.

· WE NEED YOU Kingdom leaders and loyal subjects (Some Kingdoms still for the taking). Kingdom warfare, or Kingdom peace? What do you choose…?

· EU server with EU and US players (sometimes even AUS)

· X2 XP with cheeky boosts (A boost is active now for the Christmas break)

· Events, end game content, auctions with admin items, quests (plenty to entertain)

· Bank, Prison, Working economy, Player markets, Paid work (occupations/roles)

· Raid times, strict raid/theft rules, no excessive damage permitted

· Friendly community, especially for new RPers and new game players

· Travelers hubs and map rooms for easy map travel

· Players looking for clan mates

For more info on mods, rules etc check out the wiki :slight_smile: We hope to see you in game!


Wiki: https://youneedawiki.com/app/page/19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj?p=19J2rOT3lumMXxw5quSReuXyO2ZJ6CFkj