Looking for group to play any mode_

If anyone is interested In teaming up on a server or has a clan I can join send me a message just returned to the game. I also have a mic

We have a server that offers PvP & PvE you’re welcome to join mostly older players here & weekend raiding.

Most active: evenings

Server: UK/EU (you can join from anywhere)

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZU5rPfWHyf

Theres not much point in me joining another sever now unless I can team up with someone else, I’m just looking for people to play with

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Where are you from my dear friend? It is very important others to know your region because of the time difference. For example I am from Greece, I play pve in American servers but my purge starts at 00:00 or after 03:00, so I can accept purge only in weekends.
For pvp I play with French speaking persons but they change servers every week :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Still I love them :wink:.

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Of course I understand what your saying. I’m from the UK so preferably looking for English speaking people to play with makes it easier but if not I’m sure we can work something out

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I’m currently playing in a pvp server but I’m happy to go to another server with a group


Well, I really hope you find what you are looking for, still if you ever need a home for pve, I am on 3728, my characters is Bella(my dogs name), Farm & Build is my clan. It is American server however with NY timers so you will have purge after midnight. My home is yours. This time however I help my pvp clan to farm :joy::joy::joy:. I wish the timing was different :+1:.

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Thank you appreciate it. if I find myself in pve I will remember your offer :smiley:

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I started in the highest populated pvp server yesterday see if I can come across a clan that way so far the people I came across do not use in game chat. I wont give up :joy:

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