Looking for Guild: PvP & PvE (Important notes/ questions) Timezone wont matter

I had many characters in the past experienced low level PvP around 2016 and lot’s of classes. Have experience in PvP only with DT and general experience with Guard since i rerolled many times. Guard is what i currently work on which is my only character (3 days played with him).
In PvE content i have cleared Old World completely dozens of times T3-Unchained bit of T4.

  • Asking this at Global or NPH wont help. Because it requires detailed answers. I hope you are all not too secretive for whatever reasons and i hope you will be honest as well.
  1. PvE T1-T2-T3 is fine from a PuG perspective. So whoever raids T4 Especially the forgotten T5! & T6 it’s something i don’t know. I would like your lights here.

  2. PvP. To enter the environment of competition and have the best possible experience you need access to a Battlekeep. There is only a few currently and i wonder why nobody else starts bulding one. I am aware of the existing Battlekeeps though.

  3. Before you decide to enter a Guild with a Battlekeep you need to know which ‘‘Alliances’’ are going on. I can’t decide until i know which Guild Alliances and Rivalries exist and for what reason. Just give me your own perspective and let me worry about everything else.

  4. Guilds with gankers who attack fresh Blue Geared guys like me under Rank 4 are excluded from any form of cooperation or communication and will be attacked on sight for eternity.

  • The reasoning behind it is that after the Introduction of the AA system and RF/ Rings/ Runes/ T6 Necro Gear being allowed in PvP the imbalance makes it impossible to handle it unless you reach the 1/3 at least of what your enemy has (Basic stats to be competitive)

  • Guilds with members who do that are excluded from my possible ‘‘Invitation request’’ and that also includes players who abuse 3rd party software.

If that is a problem know that as a ‘‘Guild Member’’ you are ‘‘Representing a Guild’’
Team Rocket is excluded already (Old elitists wouldn’t take new people anyway) and Atlantean Embers as well because they have some players who run like Barb with Arcane Marauder buff even if they are tanks. Restrain them! It’s bad for your reputation.

  1. Which means i am looking for real competitive - serious PvP like in the Old Days and good people and i don’t mind Rivalries against the ‘‘Bad guys’’ or Sieges and premades are a nice training environment to get the hang of a new class in case they happen.

So any recommendations?

You wrote all that but didn’t write what time zone you are active.

Only thing that doesn’t matter for me. I work through the web as a trader and cryptocurrency miner. I have no timezone :stuck_out_tongue: (Edited the title)

Only thing i did is mentioning the necessary stuff a Guild Leader would like to know from me. I want to be honest. If that will be a problem then i continue solo with 1 man guild. Simple.

Hi, Empire of Stygia is recruiting. I need to know a couple things to indicate whether or not your wife - I mean character - would be a good fit:

  1. Age
  2. S e x
  3. Location
  4. Do you roleplay

EoS is renowned for our PvP. We have successfully taken over the saga servers and also had many great engagements against the mighty PvPers. Although the messiah is currently no longer with us, the prophecy foretells of a great resurgence when he accrues enough slaves into his harem. I think you’d make a great fit.

You can join in on both your low level guard and mzarras if you’d like. We aren’t picky.

  1. I am not that guy. Somebody asked me yesterday too but i am not him.
  2. I am Aquilonian male (Backstory? A militarist Nemedian employed by the Dragon Throne to aid against Stygia)
  3. I am not into Stygians or SHI’s ERP and certainly not a concubine for a Harem.

But thank you for the offer.

Well that’s too bad, we are always looking for more interested members. I hope your search bears fruit, and I await your presence on the battlefield

Thread is closing since nobody can be bothered to answer simple questions.

Propably the majority are just gankers and there is 3rd party app used by some in every guild but they don’t mind or either they don’t intend to make their community grow anymore they are just themselves so let them farm themselves for all we care.

Did i ask for anything strange or wasn’t i honest enough? It’s as obvious as the fact why PvP is dead and why some of us entered early in AoC returned then left again rinse and repeat. And the reason many wont come back ever.

I’ll find a good PvE guild with nice people and be done with it and join minis at some point. That’s the best we can get. Thanks for nothing.

guilds cease to have relevance when there are less than 50 active pvp’ers left in the game.

if you want a balanced, fun environment, transfer a character to fury and come play the app. claiming that aoc pvp is dead because there are a couple of gankers or geared players is just wrong, pvp is dead 100% because of funcom’s design decisions which garnered nothing but praise from the PvE community.

not sure why you resorted to bashing the pvp app when you’ve never played it, you do realize taht most players in the pvp app community don’t even play on crom, right? let alone have guilds waiting for new players to join on crom. don’t listen to certain members of the community, people’s willingness to pvp is a lot more complex than ‘people r mean so i dont pvp’. people have egos, people dont want to lose, people don’t want to see their character die, they don’t want to be forced to accept that players they perceive as less skilled may be a lot better than their perception. people want to feel powerful, like they’re the best, to have more equipment, stats, whatever. t6, raidfinder rings, khitai buffs, t5/exiles rune, store pots, gold pots, the whole shebang. whatever it takes to feel more powerful.

all that goes out the window in the pvp app.

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Your input is indeed enlightening. There is obviously no organized and quality PvP on Crom.
I though guilds are organized with Sieges and Alliances and such but no more i guess.

Guys. All i can say is: I do have a brother and we haven’t yet decided who will keep what account really. But i am responsible too for this joke since it was my idea in the first place. It’s complicated…
Anyway. The character on Fury (Triarrius) will be mine.

(Nice touch about Team Rocket btw) :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid seems to run in the family

I don’t see what’s stupid. I was really reffering to our in-game characters being shared. That has caused some confusion with some people we know (In-Game). That’s all really.

Unless you are reffering to some of his points. I do agree with most tbh. Let’s keep it civil this thread is nonetheless useless.

I have no idea what’s going on in this thread.