Looking for people to join me or that I can join on official 1122 PvP server

Hi all,
I started playing around 2 weeks ago and having a lot of fun learning the game and building up a base. In the beginning people didn’t seem all that interested in my base but the last few days I have been raided a few times. Even though the clans that raided me have been nice enought to leave me the stuff that they dont need, i noticed it’s quite hard to defend, rebuild and strengthen your base all by yourself.
So I’m looking for active players on the server that might wanna join forces or clans that I could join.
Please let me know if you are interested or recruiting.

hello liadoa, check your pn please.

Still looking for more members to join us (now 2) on official 1122, please send me a message if you are new to the server or solo playing and wanting to join us in building up a better and stronger base.

are you still looking for members?