Looking for Players on PvP privat Server PS4

We looking for people who wants to join our Server.
Currently we are 7 players and there is Space for 13 more. The Servers name is: No one escapes the Death

The Settings are slightly increased, so you can harvest a little faster and that thralls are easier to tame.

There are some rules we want to comply for a fair play

  1. PvP is allowed but you should have almost the same level
  2. No building at Lore stones or blocking passages ( exception for places with several ways)
  3. stealing is also allowed

We are on planning events and other stuff so you dont get bored. Also we created a community where you get the newest infos about the server.

If you are interested you can leave a message or you writing us on PS4 and we hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

PS4 Names: Succanaro / Succanaro90

Free for 12 more People :slight_smile:

Hey I’m currently looking for a server. What is the harvest rate?

We increased it a little bit
Now it is by 4,0 but we thinking of reducing it to 3,0

That sounds great. Any chance I can join ur server. Have been trying to play but servers get full so quick.

My psn is scumfudge

Good evening,

Would realy like to join your server. I’f been playing conan for some time now. But finding a good server is hard. Im from the EU and am looking for a new and fresh server.

My PSN: Arcanum-Fantasia