Looking for players to try the free portion of the game with (GMT/CET evenings)


I haven’t tried this game but looking to do so and wondering if there are any players that would like to play the free portion (to start with) and learn the game? GMT/CET evenings.


Looking through the forums it doesn’t seem super active as far as new players. Wondering if anybody knows any guilds that wouldn’t mind taking on a new player that from time to time may ask a question or two…

I would recommend checking out the official Anarchy Online discord:

There’s usually lots of people there :blush:

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Hey thanks for that Saavick :slight_smile:

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A follow up question if anybody happens to be bored… :slight_smile:

I installed the game and after some googling I found that the resolution is set prior to entering the game… is has the option for 2560x1080 but it seems to disappear once I hit play. Is the resolution not supported?

EDIT: Also is there a difference between Direct 3D T&L HAL and Direct 3D HAL? What is customary to pick?

I have to admit this is super hilarious… I set the resolution to 2000 x 900 in windowed mode. Awesome. :smile:

The old engine AO client runs on DirectX 7 which doesn’t support resolutions over 2048. There is however a work around included in the latest version of the third party program Anarchy Online Item Assistant+ made by @Dream.

@Caloss2 explains how to use it in this video:

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You are just too kind! Thanks… watching it now. :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm!

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There is a new engine

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I tried the new client a few years ago, with an Omni toon.

I really detested Rome being bright and light. The gloom was part of its charm. :slight_smile:

And the crashes, especially in Rome :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t have any crashes, I just preferred the gloom. :slight_smile:

But because of that, I didn’t spend much time on the new client.

Now is the time to get playing on the new server. Lots of guilds, lots of active players who are willing to help. Just ask :slight_smile: My main is Dode

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