Looking for private pvp server for me and 2 more friends on ps4

Me and my friends been playing non stop since tge game come out. We were on a private server for some reason thr server disapear. Wanna know if anyone is looking for active players on ps4. Server that is on and active and wont disappear in the future. Message me Lucifer_Zoro

well if you had this for pc id be down im working on a crossplay server for all platforms

No only ps4 me and my friends. Would be great to have cross platform

Join my server The Barbarian Village I’m looking for people to play with. It’s a 40 person pvp/to server I rented

My psn jack5the1ripper3

Im sure you already found a server (given the fact its been almost a month since the original post) but I recently got fed up with the servers disappearing all the time too, so I rented a server and intend to keep it going until it dies out lol

What ur server name??

Server 3560 is official but it’s really quite. Basically private. Consider joining it. It’s pvp btw